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James Krone: Waterhome

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Steven Cox interviews painter James Krone about his work in the exhibition Waterhome: We is Somebody Else at Brand New Gallery, Milan, on view through November 09, 2013.

Cox writes: "Acting as a visual analogy, the algae-esque surfaces of Krone’s Screen Paintings comparably relate to the evolving and growing algal bloom that physically exists within the lonesome tank that stands only feet away." Speaking about his process Krone comments: "I wouldn’t really call it a technique so much as a perpetual result. The behavior yields a kind of aesthetic variety that painters sometimes try to produce causally, by a set of conscientious distinctions. I decided to behave like the aquarium behaves. I produce, cease and repeat my actions; accreting for no particular reason other than it’s what I usually seem to do in one way or another anyhow. It’s a station for mirroring the desire to accrete, burning excess energy, life force, something like this."

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