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Jan van der Ploeg: Holding Up the Walls

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Nicola Bozzi reviews the exhibition Jan van der Ploeg: Pink Moon – Organising Principles at New Art Space Amsterdam (NASA), on view through September 1, 2013.

Bozzi writes: "Room by room, Pink Moon encourages different viewer approaches to its fully-painted walls. Sometimes it's best to stare at the intersection of two rhombuses and move around, watching the figures stretch and grow as the perspective changes; in another occasion the focus should be kept on a single color to see how the field is affected by the others. In the last room, getting closer to the fluorescent, pulsating pink paint for a few seconds and then turning to a white surface will make the latter look green. If the wall pieces represent the only art on show, the rooms are occupied by the rediscovery of a gallery space free of objects. Using the word 'interactive' would be too much, since you can only get close and walk away, but the resulting experience is far from two-dimensional. A considerable achievement for a painter."

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