Janice Nowinski: Interview

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Neil Plotkin interviews painter Janice Nowinski about her recent work and painting process.

Nowinski comments: "what draws me back in [to paintings] is that they don't feel right. I know that Reclining Nude 2012 was very quick, but it happened after a tremendous amount of work on other paintings. There were a couple of paintings that I didn’t resolve in time for the show. Those are the ones I'm working on right now. There was one painting in particular that was completely driving me crazy. It really felt like the linchpin for this show. I was having one of those bang my head against the brick wall days. Then, on an entirely different canvas, it all began to make sense. In a rush of clarity I painted [Reclining Nude 2012]. I was shocked when the painting resolved so quickly. I was thinking, I have to respect that, and I’m going to leave it. I feel like whenever something happens, it's an accumulation of other things you’ve done. The fruit of the labor can come out in a different painting."

Janice Nowinski: Paintings is on view at Bowery Gallery, New York through June 16, 2012.

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