Jasper Johns: Craft and Process

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Mira Schor considers Jasper John's recent work on view at MoMA, New York through September 1, 2014.

Schor writes that "it is fascinating to see how the artist has taken an unprepossessing photographic scrap and rung so many changes on it yet the image upon which this edifice of studio practice is based is perhaps not all that resonant, either absolutely, or in the way he has chosen to interpret it by enhancing abstraction and deflecting figuration. Or his pressing of the appropriated image through layers of visual analysis does not actually push experimentation with materials far enough in order to get at the core of the content by his deconstruction of the given picture. But, now I think, perhaps I am wrong. As I write, the work becomes more interesting, the fact that the figure is so obscured and the very disciplined and precise thoroughness of the visual analysis of the appropriated image is fascinating in its discipline and rigor and in the emotional reticence. Maybe. And yet…"

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