Jennifer Wynne Reeves @ CB1 Gallery

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David Pagel reviews Jennifer Wynne Reeves: A Bolt of Soul: Grooved Foreheads and Dog Teeth at CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles, on view through July 18, 2015.

Pagel writes that Reeves' works "are suffused with more sadness than most would want to experience in a lifetime, much less an afternoon. But delight also enlivens Reeves’ juicy paintings. Racing upward, like the fizz in a soft drink, that elusive pleasure pops when it hits air: a miniature Minimalist firework for the attentive… Deftly switching from abstraction to figuration, they reveal an artist who believed that the most potent art was also the most flexible; able to roll with the punches and dig up insights wherever they might be found."

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