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Jennifer Wynne Reeves @ CB1

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Miyoshi Barosh considers the work of Jennifer Wynne Reeves, recently on view in the exhibition A Bolt of Soul: Grooved Foreheads and Dog Teeth at CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles.

Barosh observes: "In Soul Bolt, Reeves’s immaterial figures present different degrees of psychological anguish and absurdity. The diminutive beings, cobbled together accumulations of painted debris, play out silent scenes of operatic grandeur or teeter on the edge, in parody of the Sublime. A new level of mystery is introduced when Reeves begins to pair the figures with photographed landscapes, placing the iconography of the dream world onto a representation of the real, replicating the inside-out feeling of terminal illness… Jennifer Wynne Reeves lived every moment of her life for art, sustained to the very end by creativity in its purest form, emotional honesty, and a striving for spiritual transcendence. Her work lives on reflecting her graceful humility and passionate spirit…"

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