Jim Gaylord: Interview

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Christian Maychack interviews painter Jim Gaylord about his work.

Gaylord comments: "[Rorschach is] a very relevant concept for me right now in terms of the symmetry that’s happening in some of the work. I was thinking about why a Rorschach image is symmetrical, and there seems to be a reference to the body—our bodies and faces are symmetrical, and we’re used to seeing symmetry in life. So, I think a Rorschach image is such a provocative psychological device, and makes sense to us on such an instinctive level, because of that. If we saw half of a Rorschach, it would just be meaningless blotches, but when there is order imposed on it via symmetry, our mind says that it’s something we should recognize, and we make the next leap."

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