JJ Manford: Studio Visit

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Maria Calandra visits the studio of painter JJ Manford.

Calandra writes that she finds "elements of [JJ's] new paintings reading like a fantastical projection of what you might see happening inside the artists' mind or behind their eyes. I suppose this could be visual, intellectual or scientific. It is almost as though he has arrived at the work by painting what he sees when he closes his eyes just after looking at a bright light, with his marks that make up noisy circular flashes and strings of electric color. Maybe he is giving the synapses (those rapid transfers of signals that happen in the brain from one cell to the next) a pictorial description. I liked thinking that the figures that he has begun to use, which act somewhat autobiographically, form a narrative of his past experiences. The figures appear quite appropriately with the abstracted synapses — as they play a major role in the formation of our memory."

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