Jochen Plogsties: Interview

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Jonathan Beer interviews painter Jochen Plogsties about his work and development as an artist.

Plogsties, whose practice includes appropriation and re-interpreting existing paintings, comments: "the more I want to make an accurate copy, the more I see my individuality. The closer I get, the farther away I feel. Before I started making this work, I had a pretty clear definition of what a copy was. But the more I do now, I become more and more unsure. Is it even possible to make a copy of a painting? Everyone talks as if that is a possibility but I think it really isn’t possible. You could never really figure out the layering or the materials. There are so many ways to get close to the original, and if ten different people can do it differently, the question arises of whether there might be way to actually copy something."

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