John Bunker: Collages

Image coming soon.

Group discussion: Anne Smart, Anthony Smart, John Pollard, Alexandra Harley, Nick Moore, Robin Greenwood, Sarah Greenwood, Hilde Skilton, Mark Skilton, Noela James, Patrick Jones, Ben Wiedel-Kaufmann, Matthew Dennis, Andrew Revell, Bob Aldous, Fred Pollock discuss the collages of artist John Bunker.

Opening the discussion with a short statement, Bunker comments: "For me [scale] a bit of a bugbear about collage. The history of collage has had at different times in history a kind of domesticated realm about it; it can be quite diaristic; it can be personal and quite small… [but] I'm also interested in trying to make collages that are very big… exploring the relationship between the materials on a very small level and then materials on a big level is something that's really excited me."

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