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John L. Moore: Studio Visit

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Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter John L. Moore.

Writing about Moore's work in 2002, critic Lilly Wei noted: "New York artist John L. Moore continues to elaborate on his theme of mirrors and water in his recent paintings… There is an aspect of roughed-up Pop in his style, his sketchy, schematized imagery forcefully blunt, his painting technique spontaneous and expressive. Scaled to his height – Moore's signature format is 80 x 67" – his canvases contain enigmatic ovoid shapes he calls mirrors, floating on the surface as if on water. However, they are blank, reflecting whatever the viewer might bring to them. These mirrors can also be read as eyes or openings into the painting, holes in the fabric of illusion, personal and impersonal witnesses, implicating perception and events: how we see, what we see, if we see."

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