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John Lees & Janice Nowinski

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John Goodrich reviews exhibitions by John Lees and Janice Nowinski at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York, on view through November 3, 2013.

Goodrich writes that Lees' "encrusted, luminous layers of color that lend a transcendental glow to paintings poised somewhere between cartoons and devotional images. Some works impart to everyday sights – a kid with a baseball cap, a panoramic view of a farm – a dream-like aura. Others have more fanciful subjects; in one, a rising object, perhaps a large snorkel, confronts a woman in her bathtub." Goodrich continues, noting that Nowinski's "consistently brushy surfaces and predilection for darkish greens, browns and earthy reds suggest a dogged probing more than a facile brio. But Nowinski’s instincts for color, and for amplifying its expression through drawing, resonate throughout her paintings, powerfully evoking the inner character of her subjects, whether people, furniture, or tableware."

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