Joseph Montgomery: Interview

Michael Rutherford interviews artist Joseph Montgomery about his work.

Montgomery comments: "I have since developed a studio practice that facilitates the building of objects that look and act as paintings while I publicly call myself a painter. I assemble the image of a painting from a variety of materials that achieve the component elements of painting (color, form, overlap, transparency, figure/ground, etc.) in three dimensions and without the use of brushes. It is my intention that you see the work as constructed because I want the object to document studio labor in pursuit of formal images. The act of painting is, at this point in art history, only a portion of image creation labor. The emphasis on construction, assembly, and relief act to represent painting and in doing so, define the boundaries of painting’s usefulness. Painting is the object of my study in the studio and a useful tool, but I am hesitant to participate in painting. The incongruity in the categorization of my work by my own dissembling and the presentation of their position should highlight these distinctions."

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