Josh Dorman & David Martin

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Susan Heywood reviews exhibitions by Josh Dorman (though May 16) & David Martin (through May 30) at John Martin Gallery, London.

Heywood writes of Dorman: "Precise and painstakingly drawn illustrations which predate the slick, glossy anonymity of photography feed the eclectic imagination of this American artist. Dorman’s pen and brush work has a delicacy and refinement that is perfectly attuned to his interest in the infinite variety of species across categories, which he presents in a wistful and nostalgic peep show."

Writing about Martin Heywood notes: "Willingness to experiment and a lively, open mind inspire Martin’s celebratory canvases which capture the essence of subjects from a humble table scape to the majestic, rolling contours of the Scottish countryside. His instinct for improvisation is reflected in his passion for jazz."

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