Judith Dolnick & Lucy Mink on Color

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Sharon Butler interviews painters Judith Dolnick & Lucy Mink about their thoughts on color. Dolnick's and Mink's paintings are on view at OUTLET, Bushwick, Brooklyn through June 28, 2015.

Dolnick comments: "My choice of color is all very intuitive. One color calls for another. Encourages another. Mix as I go. You know, as I move through the painting. I never mix a lot of color all at once. It’s part of search, isn’t it? To discover a painting over time? … I don’t consciously think my colors specifically reference objects or experiences. My color choices are more about the colors' relationships to one another."

Mink notes: "I have no particular rules when choosing a color. I have some favorites, cobalt blue and hookers green and I will often be thoughtful of where these color choices are used and what is near them. Lately I get excited about two colors meeting that are new for me. It has to work in the composition, though. I mix as I move through the process. I like not knowing what's going to happen in a painting."

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