Judy Glantzman: In Conversation

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Arthur Peña talks to painter Judy Glantzman about the work in her recent exhibition at Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York.

Glantzman comments: " I am looking for 'shorthand' symbols that speak of war. The large collages are very physical, so the intuitive process has a lot to do with tearing and layering. Chance plays a big part in the collages. I want the work to 'show me' so I often glue things together that happened to fall together on the floor. I think of the collages like a haiku, where the 'right' combination creates a perpetual dynamic. My definition of art is that the artist (me) creates a paradoxical dynamic that, like the yin and yang, perpetually goes back and forth. A space is made; like the white line that is made when you combine complementary colors or when opposite magnets resist each other… I want to build a back and forth that creates a feeling, and then I stop."

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