Judy Ledgerwood: In Conversation

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Lilly Lampe speaks with painter Judy Ledgerwood about her work.

Ledgerwood explains: "I decided that the most interesting thing I could do would be to work flat and to make paintings that were extremely flat but that would project out into the space and to try to address the architectural space, because the space in front of the wall seemed to be the only space that hadn't been addressed sufficiently in painting… I think that there's a lot of room left to really address the viewer. I think that's probably one thing that the Renaissance really did well, but they did it narratively and they did it through the formal construction of the painting. And I'm trying address the viewer not through some narrative hook, but to address the viewer because the paintings envelop the space."

Ledgerwood's work will be in included in the exhibition Painters Panting at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, on view from April 13 – June 24, 2012.

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