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Karl Hyde: Interview

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John Warwicker interviews artist Karl Hyde on the occasion of the exhibition Karl Hyde What's Going on in Your Head When You're Dancing? at Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, on view through July 17, 2012.

Hyde remarks: "I've been inspired for years by the working process' of Zen calligraphers, in particular their meditation into the paper on which they’re about to write in order that they may see and connect with the image lying 'within the paper' and then to be able to act swiftly with brush and ink in order to articulate the essence of the image. I choose to substitute ink with black acrylic, it's cheaper in large quantities and I like how dense and 'absolute' or liquid and 'gaseous' it can be, all within the same brush stroke. These bold brushstrokes (often made by strapping several brushes together to make one huge brush) represent the loudest and most violent dance movements that I hear or see, either on stage or walking down the street."

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