Katharina Grosse: psychylustro

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Dushko Petrovich considers Katharina Grosse's psychylustro, a public painting installation on the Northeast Rail Corridor between 30th Street Station and North Philadelphia Station, Philadelphia, commissioned by the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and curated by Elizabeth Thomas.

Petrovich writes: "For passengers traveling south on Amtrak from New York or points farther north, the experience clearly announces a destination, but it does not, as you might expect, do so by celebrating the point of arrival. Instead, it directs one’s attention to the approach. This might seem like a subtle distinction to make, but the artwork’s unconventional and intermediary location is a good way to frame the project’s relationship to painting itself. By situating itself so curiously—even precariously—in relation to various public and not-so-public painting practices, psychylustro repeatedly eschews any stable end-point, preferring to proceed through indeterminacy and conflict, growth and dissolution—provocative territory for thinking about the medium’s current and future possibilities."

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