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Katrina Blannin: Interview

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Susie Pentelow interviews painter Katrina Blannin.

Asked about her use of geometry, Blannin comments: "The geometric forms are generated from drawings that always start with a grid, which provides the armature for the main structure. Lines are drawn from one corner to the other or from the centres – sometimes grid squares are bisected. Symmetry and asymmetry are essential considerations – all the moves and decisions taken throughout the process are somehow repeated on the opposite side, whether they are mathematical or regarding layers of colour and tone. I have built up a set of rules by which to work by – actually a methodology that is slowly evolving. This involves experimenting and researching new visual ideas all the time, and I am still asking a lot of questions. I am certainly looking for a way of working that will produce paintings that have a logical clarity, compositional and material interest, and which ultimately work phenomologically in some way…"

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