Kyle Staver: A Brother Honored

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John Seed writes about a new triptych by painter Kyle Staver on view as part of the exhibition Kyle Staver: A Survey of Paintings and Prints on view at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design through January 20, 2012. 

Staver painted the triptych to honor her brother who passed away six years ago. Seed writes "Although the paintings can be seen together as a cycle, Staver is mainly concerned that each image tells a strong story that can be related to the other panels. 'What is important for me, as a painter,' she relates, "Is that the three panels hold together and have the 'gestalt' to be cohesive, without relying on pictured sequencing, as in comic books.' Another element that connects the paintings is humor, something Staver finds essential; 'I do think humor is terribly important in painting. It is the constant and steady reminder of our humanity; the foible aspect of being alive.' "

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