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Lari Pittman: Magic Carpet Ride

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Tulsa Kinney visits the temporary studio of Lari Pittman to view Pittman's three new 30 foot paintings to be exhibited at Regen Projects, Los Angeles from November 9 – Decemeber 21, 2013.

Kinney writes: "The three paintings start with a black base and all have a repeated textile pattern, much like a tapestry rug. Huge hand mirrors grace one canvas (no reflections yet), another has two large telescopic lenses depicting airbrushed blurry distant landscapes, and the third one features what Pittman calls Petri dishes. All have a big thick, jagged white stripe of paint coming off the canvas. What remains empty or filled is yet to be determined. The hugeness of the paintings is daunting."

Discussing the new work Pittman comments: "If there’s a main shift in my work that’s detectable in the last many years it’s that it’s moved away from the moral, overtly socio-political to more the poetics and politics of philosophy, a philosophical rumination on life, self and culture. In other words, to keep work locked in a socio-cultural discussion—I can understand it. But I think it was wearing thin for me and I really wanted to pump it up. I still touch on politics, but more in a poetic way, in a more veiled way, and not so didactic."

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