Larry Poons @ Danese/Corey

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Peter Malone reviews the exhibition Larry Poons: New Paintings at Danese/Corey, New York, on view through February 8, 2014.

Malone writes: "There is a depth of understanding and clear evidence of a living interaction with painting’s history in this work — a hard-won quality that can only come from eye and hand working in tandem… They display a robust spontaneity spread across what seems at first like the infamous Greenbergian surface. But, stepping inside each painting’s optimum viewing distance, which I found to be about six to eight feet away, one discovers a spatial depth that gives way to barely implied landscape and figurative elements lurking in the open mesh of color. From a surface built of acrylic strokes on raw canvas never thicker than an inch or so, shapes and forms tease their way through the dense field without separating their tenuous bond to the picture plane."

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