Lawren Harris: Holding Energy

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Philip Koch muses on the paintings of Lawren Harris.

Koch writes: "I think most of us often feel life is speeding by us so fast that we can't really take it in. It can seem everything is stuck on a 'Fast Forward' setting. A well painted image of the world like what Harris often achieved has a mysterious ability to catch hold of this fleeting and surging energy. For a moment the painting holds things still for us, containing the rush, and giving us a chance to take things in slowly. It's a chance to savor the balance of both movement and peaceful equilibrium. Painting at its best is a tool to let us feel we understand. It's a chance to push away our confusions and dizziness long enough to let us appreciate the deep, sensual beauty that is out there. It helps us be open enough to take it in."

Philip Koch: Earth's Shadow is on view at George Billis Gallery, New York through January 19, 2013.

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