Lecia Dole-Recio: Interview

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Jennifer Samet interviews painter Lecia Dole-Recio.

Speaking about her process, Dole-Recio comments: "I start off with remnants. The remnants are organized according to material and scale and shape. There is vellum, cardboard, and paper cut from other pieces. I have boxes of triangles; I have boxes of stencils of the triangles – so there are the opposites. They are scraps with potential. They were cut out of one thing, but saved with the intention to be recycled. I will usually imagine a piece made out of certain elements. The current body of work is about responding to the color and marks that have accumulated on the brown paper protecting my studio floor – the five years’ worth of drips and smudges that end up there. I work on the floor and make stencils, so they are not completely incidental marks — it is like a net that I have cast. I am taking that paper up from the floor and cutting it into shapes. Then I combine it with parts from other paintings. Those two things make something new."

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