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Lennart Anderson: Appreciation & Interview

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An extensive post about painter Lennart Anderson, including an apppreciation by Susan Jane Walp and and interview with Anderson by Larry Groff and Kyle Staver. The post also includes several videos about the artist.

Anderson remarks "When I was painting in the 50′s I was into what I call 'kissing color', things that were so close that you could hardly tell them from one to another, hardly tell them apart, what they were… I was into that and you could have something that was orange or pink. Well, de kooning was into that stuff too… maybe I got some of that from that kind of painting. But that is what I was doing to some extent… You can’t say that (about my work as a whole) on really essential pictures like Barbara – no one would say that I’m cheating cutting back down (on a full range of color value) on her… but I am because there’s no black. This is something I take on, what is the word… like a religion. The way I’ve taken it… there’s got to be space in the picture so there’s no black, the black is in the tube – once it goes out it’s part of the room, as it moves back into the picture it can’t be black..so that’s something I’ve used as my… sort of a rule…You can’t have a black if you’re painting nature."

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