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Lesley Vance: Interview

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Jennifer Samet interviews painter Lesley Vance.

Vance comments: "I think of this plastic paint space almost like a Möbius strip. I like the idea that the forms in my paintings might unwind, but you can’t trace the steps back. I want it to be a singular boom. It is an object that exists, and you don’t question it, but the longer you look at it, you find yourself trying to. You don’t know what the first move was; it unravels in a weird way, like a labyrinth. You don’t know what is the beginning or what is the end; it is very circular. One move floats and becomes part of another form. That is true to how I make them. I work intuitively; I’m counting on the paint to tell me what to do. I’m following the lead of the painting, and the process of making the painting helps determine what the painting is going to be."

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