Liam Everett: Interview

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Steven Cox interviews artist Liam Everett about his work.

Cox notes that "Everett has consciously chosen to focus on his processes of painting as an act of labour."

Asked about this process-based approach Everett comments: "The surfaces are a result of a relentless process of addition and subtraction. The finished paintings are in fact an accumulation of debris, working drafts whose original reality is founded in practice. I stop working a painting when it appears foreign to me, otherly. I work on the floor or on tables with cumbersome tools. Rarely do I put a painting up on the wall in front of me. Instead I want to be confronted with the work physically, to see it with my hands and body. I use rags, steel wool, sticks and sanding blocks to paint. In this way of discomfort I am also creating obstacles and/or limitations for myself to work around. Contact and resistance are critical for me, invoking a sense of urgency."

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