Linda Francis: In Conversation

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Ben La Rocco interviews painter Linda Francis on the occasion of the upcoming exhibition Linda Francis: We Can Build You at Minus Space, Brooklyn, on view from February 15 – March 23, 2013.

Asked about her newest work, Francis comments: "I digitize the images then I see all this other stuff happening on the computer—fantastic—and what’s fantastic about it is that I get the computer noise: the stuff on the computer that wasn’t there in the image. So in a certain sense it became a brush to me. So here, this image started to have things that were there because of the tool that I was using and I really love seeing this invisible stuff that I never knew existed. So I decide to incorporate it into the image. It’s a structure, you know. The closer you look at it the more you realize it’s an on/off structure. There are sort of substructures that happen. Certain kinds of rectangles, certain types of squares, certain kinds of dots. I’m not just talking about pixels, but things that happen to build up to other patterns."

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