Lisa Adams: Aesthetic Dimension of Melancholy

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Lita Barrie writes about the paintings of Lisa Adams whose works are on view at Miami Project, CB1 Gallery, booth #215, December 3-8, 2013.

Barrie notes that "Adams’ recent melancholic paintings, do not represent melancholy in obvious themes and iconography they exhale it through enigmas – created by combining different emotions and different painting styles of abstraction and semi-representation… Adams’ forlorn landscapes, condense voluminous feeling through imaginative metaphors based on real things she has seen which, paradoxically, convey both hopelessness and hopefulness – the contradictory feelings that create melancholy. In downtown Los Angeles where Adams lives – and under-developed foreign countries she has visited – she discovers ' things worth looking at amidst tragedy and pollution.' As Adams explains, 'I like distressed, forgotten places and then see amidst the bereft scenario a field of flowers.' It is these 'moments of joy' that spark her imagination and allow Adams to 'reconstruct the world in my own terms.' This imaginative transformation of actual things and places she has seen in the real world, allows Adams to visualize melancholy, rather like Giorgio de Chirico – to make incomprehensible feelings, tangible."

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