Loren Munk: Studio Visit

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Maria Calandra visits the studio of painter Loren Munk, whose show You Are Here will be on view at Freight + Volume Gallery, New York from February 13 – March 15, 2014.

Calandra writes that during the visit she took "some time to imagine what an undertaking it must be for him to plan one of these paintings out. It is really something that he uses such a vast array of color and variations of text, while the fact checking alone seems like a feat in and of itself. This isn't your run of the mill art history lesson either; there is also dry wit, satire and political commentary involved. In some paintings, he is able to give new light to old scenes where he breaks down genres in a kind of invented PowerPoint format. Without a speck of historical revisionism, however, Munk is contextualizing art making by describing it through art making — a pretty groovy kind of Meta. The paintings appeal to a viewer's intellectual and visual sensibilities. I can't get enough of his perfectly concocted color harmonies of richly textured layers of paint. Munk's artwork and videos of openings and art shows feel like an act of generosity to those that make art their life."

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