Lothar Götz: The Line of Beauty

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Sam Cornish interviews Lothar Götz on the occasion of the recent exhibition The Line of Beauty at Domobaal, London.

Götz discusses the particular challenges of creating site specific paintings. Asked about how his painting What Makes Boys Dance? altered the environment Götz comments: "What was interesting when we started to paint everything pink, it become not a very pleasant room. It changed from a very, very tasteful grey into something like an institutional colour, perhaps like when it was a lawyer’s office; and then we added the black and it was extremely graphic. We might have left it black – there are lots of stages where you think it can be left. What I find interesting with these site specific pieces is that at every stage is an option, you could do this, or you could do that. I could make a whole series of different pieces for a room and see how it reacts."

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