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Louise P. Sloane: Interview

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Valerie Brennan interviews painter Louise P. Sloane about her work and process.

Sloane comments: "I approach each painting as though I have never painted this image before, allowing the works to evolve organically… Every work has a grid drawn onto the surface. Laying in the texture is physically challenging. I like to put down each quadrant during one session – this gives the overall texture of that portion a cohesive conforming surface. Each time I leave the studio and return, there is a slight difference, as my hand adjusts to the pressure of the process… There is an ebb and flow that each painting generates, and I follow its lead. The works all address my interests in language, texture, color and geometry. The juxtaposition between thin and thick, for whatever reason, is particularly attractive to me… I enjoy the play of the painting when it is slightly off square, with square either at dead center or slightly off, anchoring the entire image."

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