Luc Tuymans: Loosening Up

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Gary Wiseman interviews painter Luc Tuymans at Tuyman's studio in Antwerp. Luc Tuymans Allo! will be on view at David Zwirner Gallery, London from October 5 – November 17, 2012.

Asked about his process Tuyman's replies that "the paintings are all made in one day. It can be a long day, or it can be . . . some paintings really go without any, they just, some paintings come easily. They just fall out. Other paintings are quite difficult. It all depends and, although in terms of being knowledgeable in the craft of making my paintings, which, in fact, is not that crafty because I don't do glace'. I don't do layering, I just work wet on wet, so the work is very direct but it's very, very um, detailed. So there are no, this was always really a little bit the case, except maybe from earlier works, there's no real big gesture. The biggest gesture is maybe the backdrop, just painting it in one color and then already, immediately, the drawing and the gesture sort of click and then to the end it expands with the contrast. But the brush strokes are short, vivid, and nervous, which is the way I want to have them because of the sharpness of it. Unlike Richter, for example, I don't scrape things off, although having been perceived as a blurry painter, the blurriness is super sharp. Everything has to be painted."

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