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Lucy Mink Covello: Interview

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Jennifer Samet interiews painter Lucy Mink Covello.

Mink comments: "Anything that I paint, I think, 'What can I hide?' and 'What can I say, without having to really come out and say it?' People don’t always want to talk about the real things. There are so many conversations that cannot happen. Every now and then I get to have intimate conversations. In between, I enjoy painting. Painting offers me everything. I take full advantage of it now. I spent so many years painting in private: paintings I would not show, but which I learned from… I think my obsession with hiding thoughts in paintings will continue to grow. With social media, and media in general, there are a vast amount of stories out in the world. But painting always holds mystery, and you can keep coming back to it. Like the poetry and lyrics I am drawn to, I don’t need answers for them, or plots, or outcomes. I like vague."

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