Lydia Dona: Studio Visit

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Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter Lydia Dona.

Dona discusses at length how the elements in her paintings (color, materials, mark-making, and forms) develop from observations and sensations in her personal life, and also from reactions to significant global issues and events. She cites an interest in "the possiblity of being as realistic and as abstract as possible in the same perception… what I want my work to convey is the most dynamic, intensified sense of the present… The core of my work was always this battle, I think, some sort of battle between this abstraction and a narration within the abstraction. There was always narration without wanting to be narrative, and an abstraction without wanting to be formal, and the combination of this that would always have a plot… And I think that that plot… in which there is a relationship between body and environment, was always there."

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