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Mairead O’hEocha: Interview

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Susie Pentelow interviews painter Mairead O'hEocha.

O'hEocha comments: "For me intention and realisation are often at variance with each other when making paintings. I like this uncertainty and continual shifting of the space between conception, intention and intuition. What is also interesting is how painting and drawing allow unconscious and imaginary material to emerge from the work. I came to painting after working with a variety of media so I am very conscious of the challenges to painting’s relevance as a medium in contemporary art. However the medium’s short comings are offset by its specificities. The stationary nature of paintings allows the viewer to navigate the picture plane with a tacit understanding of the evolution of the work, a sense of how it has come into material realisation. I like that the thinking/translating/doing processes are foregrounded in painting."

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