Marguerite Hohenberg & Medard Klein

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Chris Miller reviews Marguerite Hohenberg & Medard Klein: The Guggenheim Years at Richard Norton Gallery, Chicago, on view through September 13th, 2015.

Miller writes: "Marguerite Hohenberg (1883-1972) and Medard Klein (1905-2002) were two Chicago abstract artists who enjoyed national recognition in their heydays but vanished from view soon thereafter. In this show of works on paper, it’s Hohenberg’s transcendent colorism that captures the attention… She left Austria at age six, but recreated the elegant, sensual, dynamic world of the Viennese Secession fifty years later in Chicago…The work of Medard Klein, who once exhibited at Hohenberg’s gallery, is more theatrical. Formal elements are popping, splashing, and spinning about on the graphic stage. They feel like animated cartoons with figures like anthropomorphic maps of complex mathematical equations."

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