Maria Lassnig: Selves and Reciprocals

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Paul D’Agostino reviews Maria Lassnig at MOMA PS1, New York, on view through September 1, 2014.

D’Agostino writes: "Through Lassnig’s aesthetic pursuit of what she called 'body awareness,' the depictive self that she 'is' or 'becomes,' and the manners and modes of self-ness she conveys, can also be intuited, by viewers, with reciprocity. … From one tumultuous era to the next, in defiance of so many personal and formal odds, in several cities from Europe to the US, and in various mediums … Lassnig worked. Hard. And thought. Hard. She asked incisive questions and made penetrating, sagacious suggestions. And her output is refreshingly, devastatingly great."

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