Marie Koetje: All In

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John Motley reviews an exhibition of paintings by Marie Koetje at Nationale, Portland, Oregon, on view through July 7, 2013.

Motley writes that Koetje's paintings "pull out all the stops. The hyperactive surfaces of these canvases are crowded with ideas — geometric planes of oil painting, goopy squiggles of impasto, hazy scrims of spray paint and more — as if the artist threw everything she had at the wall and discovered it all stuck. As painterly as this sense-stressing approach may be, Koetje's inspiration is actually the new world of computer monitors and interactive touch screens. The way we look and perceive depth in those digital experiences has snuck up on us in the last five years, making Koetje's treatment of the picture plane as a depthless and unstable surface a logical progression."

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