Matthew Deleget: Interview

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Matthew Deleget discussses his conceptual approach to abstract painting with Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy.

Deleget comments: "I'm coming at painting, at abstraction, with this perspective that anything's possible at this point. Nothing is over. 'It's all been said an done.' – I don't believe any of that. Painting's been around for 40,000 years, abstract painting in particular… Consolidating and reducing is a strategy I'm interested in. Unlike a lot of other painters, I'm not working in the studio trying to develop a signature vocabulary… How do you do that as an artist when the entire art world now is so commercially driven and so object-based, and so brand name… where it's so totally about identifying the maker and the object… the value associated with that… coming at it as a painter… from an abstract painting perspective in New York City, where painting reigns supreme."

Matthew Deleget: Pictures at an Exhibition is on view at Cress Gallery of Art, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, on view through December 7, 2012. 

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