Maureen Gallace @ 303 Gallery

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Barry Schwabsky reviews a recent exhibition of paintings by Maureen Gallace at 303 Gallery, New York.

Schwabsky observes that "these paintings are, in the end, indifferent to the nostalgia that might color them. They don’t insist on a mood. It would be easy to see them as naive, and easier still as faux-naive, but it’s also not so hard to see them making use of a representational convention about which they are ultimately agnostic… In a way, each of Gallace’s paintings is somehow two paintings at once: rigorously abstract (not in the sense that an abstract painting is abstract, but in the sense that a syllogism is abstract—a form or template whose particular contents can be filled in) and generic, yet also haunted by feelings, memories, and reverberations that may be profoundly subjective and therefore private and in part incommunicable."

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