McArthur Binion @ Kavi Gupta

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Elizabeth Lalley reviews McArthur Binion: Seasons at Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago, on view through November 22, 2016.

Lalley writes: “In ‘Seasons,’ Binion’s layered marks form a series of grids. The physicality and repetition of the artist’s cross-hatching process results in pieces that are deceptively uniform from a distance, but upon closer inspection, are filled with variation and complexity… On the surface of his boards, Binion applied photocopied fragments from the address book he compiled during his artistic beginnings in New York. Names and places, written in different inks at different times, allude to human networks and connections—a deeply personal map of relationships—many of which have certainly dissolved since he recorded them. In this way, Binion’s works are not fully abstract, and are heavily imbued with narrative.”

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