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Michael Bevilacqua: An Ideal For Living

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Review of the exhibition Michael Bevilacqua: An Ideal For Living at Gering & López Gallery, New York, on view through August 24, 2012.

"The tension between [the] two readings of linear narrative and archaeological accretion is what makes the 'spatiality' in Bevilacqua's painting at least potentially 'eerie': unsettling yet intriguing, and suggestive that something might happen next. This prospect of development suggests that Bevilacqua might be attempting to reexamine the term 'post-Pop' and his place within it… if we consider Rauschenberg's work as a kind of 'pre-Pop,' Bevilacqua's status as a post-Pop artist transforms from a consecutive distinction into a wider-spanning historical one, wherein the style not only follows Pop, but also intimates something beyond it.

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