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Michael Krebber: Systemic Relevance

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Photoblog of images from the exhibition Michael Krebber: Systemic Relevance at Galerie Buchholz, Berlin, on view through July 22, 2014.

In a previous interview Krebber remarked: "What I want to do may be a very normal desire: to go on stage, whatever or wherever the stage may be, and to make a joke that suits my tastes. Now, I could lie or be honest, both are fine. The first step is that I do not like what I do, but I do not want to give up, and still I want to try and succeed in providing quality, beauty, quick-wittedness, and whatever I wish for in a specific moment."

"You do not even have to be good, whatever that means, but here something comes into effect that I call 'art'. It is a stage with the rules of a stage, not those of a studio."

"I really wish for beautiful art. I can enjoy Poussin without wanting values to be brought back into art, but I cannot look at a single work of art anymore and consider it to be something that contains everything. That doesn’t mean that it has changed, but maybe that I have changed, and hopefully I vote for the right consequences."

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