Michiel Ceulers: Interview

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Steven Cox interviews painter Michiel Ceulers about his work and practice.

Asked about process, Ceulers comments: "What I was really fascinated about was just the idea of the image in it, that just because you go from the diagonals and then doubling it, you suddenly arrive at the whole idea of modernism through the grid. For me, it is more about the process rather than the final image, but yet everyone reads it and perceives it as an image despite it being abstract. I always think it is interesting, for me being a young painter, I am not scared about the politics in it, but I am interested in the possibilities of abstract painting because it is politically dead. It failed, it’s like the idea of Malevich going from the peasants to the black square then going back again. So there is not really much to say, but because of that there is a possibility to explore that and then you really move towards that idea of modernism being what it is and there is nothing more, and you are already at that point of 0 degrees, which I think is really interesting to work with."

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