Miyoko Ito

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Photoblog of the recent exhibition Miyoko Ito at Veneklasen Werner, Berlin.

From the gallery: "During the 1950s in Chicago Ito's mature painting style began to emerge. Her formative vocabulary of angular, geometric color planes, redolent of Picasso, Gradually expanded to include organic, biomorphic forms and curvilinear shapes. Her paint handling evolved from thin washes of somber color to a more tactile surface emphasizing gesture and touch. In the 1960s Ito's palette grew increasingly vibrant and expressive. By this time one begins to see unexpected stylistic parallels between Ito's painting and the work of the Chicago Imagists. Although ostensibly, Ito's abstract paintings are in a curious dialogue with the quasi-surrealist figuration the Imagists espoused. Notable are obvious correspondences between Ito's paintings of the 1960s and 1970s and the works of her friends and peers Roger Brown, Ray Yoshida, Jim Nutt and Gladys Nilsson."

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