Munro Galloway & Dushko Petrovich: Interview

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Rachel Wetzler interviews artists Munro Galloway and Dushko Petrovich about their recent exhibition You Must Change Your Life at artist-run Soloway Gallery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The two artists discuss their work in relation to text and literature as well as the challenges and freedoms of curating, publishing (Petrovich is co-founder and editor of Paper Monument), and running a gallery (Galloway is a co-founder and director at Soloway) while working as artists.

Petrovich remarks "One through-line that comes out in the work, the reader, the release, along with Soloway and Paper Monument is this: we are both interested in texts in writing, in language – we just to shift these things around a bit, not with any overall agenda, but variously out of curiosity, impatience, a desire to actually communicate with people."

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