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Nathlie Provosty: (the third ear)

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James Kalm visits the exhibition Nathlie Provosty: (the third ear) at Nathlie Karg Gallery, New York, on view through May 8, 2016. In addition to a walk-through of the show, Kalm talks with Provosty about the work.

The gallery press release notes that "the exhibition plumbs the phenomenon of visual inaudible sound. Inaudible sound is sound that humans physically respond to, although they cannot hear it. Provosty proposes that this inaudible territory parallels the unseeable areas just outside the color spectrum. Her paintings therefore utilize colors at the far reaches of the spectrum, coupled with surfaces that vibrate and disappear, activating an expanded multi-sensory experience." Provosty expands on this notion, commenting: "Even thought they're paintings, I think of them as moving images, and in that way much more related to film or sculpture…"

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