Nina Nielsen @ Bow Street Gallery

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Addison Parks blogs about the paintings of Nina Nielsen on the occasion of her recent exhibition at Bow Street Gallery, Lincoln, MA.

Parks writes: "In her textured dream-like paintings … Nielsen shows us something. She gives us something. A peek at something. A vision of sorts… [these paintings] have that sense of themselves; that completeness; that command of their own ship; their own destiny; their own sphere of influence." In a second post on the show Parks has written: "Most people act surprised to find out that [Nielsen] paints. I would have found it surprising if she didn't. After spending over 40 years running her gallery on Newbury Street in Boston that championed painting like nowhere in this part of the country, in 2007 she retired. There isn't a painter dead or alive that crossed the threshold of the Nielsen Gallery, of what was nothing short of an art world Mecca, that didn't feel like this was the one place where painting mattered."  

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